Managing change in a social media age

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Chances are you are using social media within your organisation. It is also quite likely that you have found provision within your marketing strategy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

But have you really grasped how it will affect your business? Do you understand how it could make a difference to your bottom line? Are you really taking it seriously or just 'following the herd'?

2010media uses years of experience in public relations, online communication, journalism, website content management and social media to offer tailored digital training and business development solutions for a range of companies ranging from SMEs through to multinationals.


* Digital Consultancy
* Social Media Training 
* Social Media Strategy 
* Online Marketing Strategy
* Social Media Consultancy 
* Facebook Training
* LinkedIn Training
* Twitter Training
* Networking Training

Our aim is simple – ensure that you achieve tangible results from social media, you become a fully integrated ‘social business’ that is ready to meet the challenges of the social media age and you harness the potential offered by the social networks.

Whether working alone or in partnership with marketing specialists in a strategic alliance, we offer a unique service that combines years of experience picked up in a variety of different communications disciplines with an astute awareness about the new media age in which we live.

And our bespoke training courses are designed to help implement and profit from the strategies we create for you.

Want to find out more about what we do? Check out David Taylor's LinkedIn profile. Also look out for David’s latest book The Business of Being Social – available now on Amazon.